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Experienced management professionals in asset management
including but not limited to trust fund management
Financial services
Detailed Descriptions
Latest Position and Perspective in Hong Kong

Strong growth of the sector due to growth in Asia, financial market liberalisation in the Mainland and government policy to strengthen the sector

Tremendous demand for investable assets and packaged investment products is expected due to economic growth in Asia and financial market liberalisation in the Mainland. Being the top asset management centre in Asia, with asset and wealth management business reaching US$3.1 trillion (at end-2017), asset management professionals are essential to sustaining our competitive edge and tapping into the increasing wealth creation. As mentioned in the 2017 Policy Address, Hong Kong will capitalise on the opportunities arising from the Belt and Road Initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area to reinforce and enhance our status as an international asset management centre. Experienced asset management professionals are necessary to further the development of the industry.

The Financial Services Development Council in its 2015 Report on Developing Hong Kong’s Human Capital in Financial Services pointed out that there are management positions especially for middle and back office positions yet to be filled. The sector would be expecting a moderate increase in demand.

Description of Tasks
Experienced investment analysts and investment consultants with expertise in researching into a wide variety of investment opportunities, including alternative investment, and putting together investment portfolios tailored to the needs of the clients. Their tasks are concerned with the development and retention of personal and corporate trust business and its administration with the objective of profit and quality services to customers.
Experienced fund managers with expertise in supervising day-to-day administration of fund portfolios, selecting the securities and shares of the fund portfolios, implementing the investment policy and distribution policy as stated in the trust deed, calculating the unit price of fund portfolios, and promoting various fund portfolios to customers.
Typical Qualifications
At least a bachelor's degree in commerce, finance, business administration, economics, accounting, law and received on-the-job training and industry courses and programmes; and
At least 3 years of relevant experience in fund management industry; knowledge in finance and marketing as well as relevant experience in trustee management; and language skills (e.g. English and/or Mandarin).
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