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Experienced management professionals in asset and wealth management
Financial services
Description of Tasks

  • Experienced investment analysts and investment consultants with expertise in researching into a wide variety of investment opportunities, including exchange or over-the-counter traded investment products such as securities, derivatives (including those relating to commodities) and alternative investment, and putting together investment portfolios tailored to the needs of the clients (including funds and family offices). Their tasks are concerned with the development and retention of personal and corporate business and its administration with the objective of profit and quality services to customers.
  • Experienced asset and wealth managers and private bankers with expertise in supervising day-to-day administration of investment portfolios for clients (including funds and family offices), selecting the investment products of the portfolios, implementing the investment policy and distribution policy as stated in the contract, calculating the value of portfolios, promoting various fund portfolios to customers, and planning for succession and wealth transfers.

Qualification Requirements

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree in commerce, finance, business administration, economics, accounting, law and received on-the-job training and industry courses and programmes; or
  • At least 3 years of relevant compliance experience in fund management industry; knowledge in finance and client servicing (if applicable) and language skills (e.g. English and/or Mandarin).

Enquiry on the Profession

Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau