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Experienced professionals in fintech
Financial services
Detailed Descriptions
Latest Position and Perspective in Hong Kong

As an international financial and commercial centre and a strategic gateway between the Mainland China and the rest of the world, Hong Kong boasts one of the most vibrant fintech ecosystems in the world. To date, over 600 fintech companies are operating in Hong Kong, engaging in a wide variety of emerging areas, from blockchain and payments to Insurtech and Regtech. We welcome fintech talents from all over the world to take part in and grasp the enormous opportunities arising from this fast-growing sector in Hong Kong.

Description of Tasks

Experienced professionals in Fintech with expertise in conducting a broad range of tasks related to application of cutting-edge technology to financial services and relevant research and development, including distributed ledger technologies, artificial intelligence, big data and cyber security, etc.

Typical Qualifications
A bachelor’s or above degree in a relevant discipline, such as computer science, computer engineering, electronics engineering and information science; and
Experience preferably in the leading companies in the relevant field, such as artificial intelligence, advanced software skills (computer programming), big data analytics, blockchain applications and cyber security; and
Knowledge of applying technology to provide solutions in financial services, and creativity.
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