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Experienced data scientists and cyber security specialists
Information and communication technology services
Detailed Descriptions
Latest Position and Perspective in Hong Kong

Experienced data scientists and cyber security specialists are of critical importance to the ICT development in Hong Kong.

The world is competing for talents equipped with new ICT-related skills, such as Internet and cyber security, big data analytics, virtualisation and cloud computing, networking/data communications, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and Fintech.

The availability of experienced data scientists is crucial to the smart city development of Hong Kong. Many enterprises also require experienced data scientists to make critical business decisions from huge datasets. On the other hand, as it is expected that many Internet of Things sensors/devices and 5G enabled applications demanding network security experts will be deployed over the years, we need experienced cyber security specialists to bolster the enterprises’ defences against cyber-attacks on their on-line platform, underlying legacy and big data systems.

Description of Tasks
Experienced data scientists with expertise in working with large datasets (Big Data); using machine learning and statistical methods, data mining, optimisation techniques and artificial intelligence to meet client business needs; developing and implementing statistical tools to build predictive models to support clients and work plans.
Experienced cyber security specialists with expertise in designing and maintaining the information security technology, standards and policy; supporting the front-line defence by analysing potential security risks and developing mitigation measures against cyber- attacks; carrying out assessment and auditing the security implementation.
Typical Qualifications
Experienced Data Scientists: A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, operational research, engineering, data science or related disciplines (Master or PhD degree is an advantage); and having actual experience in applying data analytics skills in industry sectors, such as insurance, financial services, retail, marketing, healthcare, logistics, and in smart city development.
Experienced cyber security specialists: A bachelor's or Master's degree in computer science, information technology, information system management, information/computer engineering or related disciplines with Certification on information security (such as CISSP and CISA) (additional certification on networking is an advantage); and at least 4 years of relevant experience in security and risk management, network security/architecture, software development security or IT security related areas, including supervisory experience and implementation, and Internet and cyber security.
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