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Experienced Software Specialists
Innovation and Technology
Description of Tasks

  • With expertise in designing, implementing, testing, deploying and maintaining enterprise information systems and digital solutions using advanced technologies or customized software packages to transform business processes or services and to enhance operational efficiency to meet organisations’ needs; managing all phases of the software development life cycle including feasibility study, analysis and design, development and testing, implementation, maintenance and on-going support.

Qualification Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in information and communication technology, computer science, electronic and computer engineering, software engineering or related disciplines; with relevant certification in popular programming languages is an advantage; and having at least 6 years of relevant experience in software programming, software design, database management, system management, front-end development technologies, software development methodologies/tools, or software maintenance. Track records of relevant experience must be within the past 10 years as at the application submission date.

Enquiry on the Profession

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