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Dispute resolution professionals
Legal and dispute resolution services
Description of Tasks

  • Dispute resolution professionals specialising in resolving international commercial, financial and investor-state disputes, being Arbitrators who are neutral parties with expertise in rendering final and binding decisions at the conclusion of arbitral proceedings and Mediators who are impartial individuals, without adjudicating a dispute, with expertise in assisting the parties to the dispute to reach a negotiated settlement.

Qualification Requirements

  • Specialised arbitrators or mediators with multilingual ability who have been appointed to resolve international commercial, financial disputes or investment disputes between investors and host states.
  • The arbitrators or mediators must, in the past 5 years, have given awards or have facilitated parties to reach settlement agreements in 3 or more cases in international commercial and financial disputes; or at least one case in investor-state disputes.

Enquiry on the Profession

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