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Marine engineers and superintendents of ships
Maritime services
Detailed Descriptions
Latest Position and Perspective in Hong Kong

Growth in the high value-added ship management sector in Hong Kong

At present, most of the overseas marine engineers in Hong Kong are employed by ship management companies as Superintendents of Ships, which are responsible for managing a fleet (about 3 to 5 ocean-going vessels). Talents of Marine Engineers and Superintendents of Ships would help bolster the development of ship management sector in Hong Kong - a high value-added maritime services sector on maritime front.

Description of Tasks

Marine engineers and superintendents of ships with expertise in the overall management and technical operations of assigned fleet of ships in a safe and profitable manner. These include overseeing the daily operations of maintenance and repair, budgeting, survey schedules, training, on board supervision and monitoring, general assessment of vessels, inspections and docking; provide technical assistance and advice to ships; monitor technical status of vessel with relation to statutory certification and survey; perform technical compliance audits and investigation on defects/failures on a regular scheduled basis for compliance; perform systematic review of the Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) system; ensure the assigned vessels are technically operational and maintain vessels’ zero loss time accident record and to report all vessel incidents, Near Misses to prevent and eliminate potential incidents; liaise with management, customers or stakeholders on technical and operational matters; attend to vessel dry docking, repairs and survey and prepare repair specifications; and provide training to seafarers in line with the company’s safety management system.

Marine engineers may required by the classification societies or operating as private surveyors with expertise in conducting statutory certification and surveys throughout the ship's life to ensure that the ship, its components and machinery are built and maintained according to the standards required for their class and complying with international standards; witnessing tests and operation of emergency and safety machinery and equipment; examining ships' cargoes or on board conditions; investigating accidents at sea; and as an expert witness to attend court.

Typical Qualifications
Minimum of 2 years’ sailing experience as Chief Engineer, i.e. holders of Class 1 Certificate of Competency of Marine Engineer Officer, with 2 years of experience as Superintendent or previous experience in a Senior Engineering position in the marine industry; or
Post-graduate degree (MEng or MSc) or equivalent qualification in Marine Engineering or Mechanical Engineering or other related discipline with 5 years of experience as Superintendent or previous experience in a Senior Engineering position in the marine industry.
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